Monday, September 19, 2011


GIRL: Good morning love
BOY: Good morning love
GIRL: Late?
BOY: Yaaa
GIRL: Good
BOY: Hmm
GIRL: Love you
BOY: Love you my Jadu
GIRL: Having black coffee
BOY: Having tea
GIRL: If you don’t get it in there it’s waiting for you at my doorstep
BOY: I know love... More than coffee I have much more big reason to be there
GIRL: N what’s that big reason.
GIRL: N how much big is that reason
BOY: Bigger then my life
GIRL: But what the reason please
BOY: Any doubt?
GIRL: Noo no doubts
GIRL: But it’s always good & healthy to hear again & again
BOY: Yes you are the reason for my smile, I wanna begin my day with your eyes & smile only
BOY: You are bigger reason then my life to be happy
GIRL: Glad I will always be your smile & part of you
BOY: Frankly speaking if I lose you I don’t know what will happen to me
GIRL: You don't lose me ever.. As we part with our deaths we meet to be 1 in our next birth..
BOY: Thanks love
GIRL: Thanks?? :(
BOY: Baby is wearing nice dress.. Can I get to see my reason to live…
GIRL: What???
BOY: Your Smile..
GIRL: :)I smile with your love.. I smile with your dream.. I smile with your success.. I smile at your laughs.. I smile with you & I smile us being together…
BOY: Cool message..
GIRL: Ohh hello, It wasn’t a message. It was my feelings :(
BOY: Ohh.. I thought it was just a forward..
BOY: Duffer I knew it was not a message...just wanna make you smile so said
GIRL: Already smiling :) :)
BOY: Blessed & feeling alive…!!
BOY: 7.20 to 08.45 only 85 minutes.. Left..!!
GIRL: You suppose to leave in next 85 minutes… Honey, No :(
BOY: Yes baby.. We only have 85minutes..
GIRL: And I don’t see you till next 15 days?
BOY: 20 days minimum
GIRL: And I hope not 2 months now??
BOY: Lets see Love, will try my best..
GIRL: What 2 months?? No Honey, Plzz
BOY: Ya may be..!! I am worried that the surroundings may take you away from me in this 2 months…
GIRL: I am all yours in each & every births… No surroundings can take me away from you..
BOY: I don’t want to go away from you…
GIRL: Time will pass in flash… Promise, I wont let you feel that you away from me..
BOY: 2 months??
GIRL: Be 2 months or 1 year nothing will change my love will be all yours waiting for you to be back in my arms…
BOY: Love you my Love..! Glad & blessed to have you in my life..
GIRL: I am Blessed as well…

And he leaves for his business trip…!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Mushy! ah love!
It has the air of new love birds bubbling with zeal and enthusiasm. Ever willing to smile.


Raniyal Niyada said...

I hope he is back by now... :)

take care

Nidhiwrites said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete - Indeed a Senti post revealing the feelings of New love birds...
Hope you liked :)

@Raniyal Niyada - Well, no loved ones can stay apart for long we all know :)