Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Last Wish

You know you gave me a feeling, I never felt it before,
And yes it's the first time that I’m feeling busted inside.

You were a not so extra ordinary Star, but I found a gem in you,
when you talked to me, I felt like I was flying in the air
And not the gravity that's holding me to the earth.
I felt like I’m the princess of the city,
City of your heart and I was all safe there.
Your every touch gave me a feeling,
A feeling to live a life...!

I was always a typical girl but I always felt high when I was with you.

I still remember everything;
The first conversation,
Our first meeting,
Your first touch,
My the first confession,
My first defeat and my first rejection.

And you know what you are for me, my smile, my tear, my regret but My Last Wish.

Though I hate you a lot but Miss you,
And I’ll miss you till my last breath.
And I know, one day you'll come back to be here with me, for me, forever.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Life is special in itself. Its just that when we start living special everyday, it becomes mundane. Then a different person makes us realize that it is special, because they are special, and we must be something special to have them.
They are rare finds, keep them close.

Blasphemous Aesthete

nidhiwrites said...

Rightly said, Life is special in itself and the entry of special person adds colors to it.. We start looking at things differently.. I wish this kinda rare person stay close forever and ever..!! :))

SHAIL said...

really good one... everyone has their own perception to live their life...

NJ said...

Cheers to all those sweet memories yours...

nidhiwrites said...

Shail - Thank u :)
NJ - Cheers..!!

Beyond Horizon said...

Though Its A last Wish, It will always be close to heart and holds most special place...Even saying I hate you, we can never ever forget How much we love that someone special!

Beautifully Written :)
and beautiful blog too!

Nidhiwrites said...

@Beyond Horizon - Thank you.. Glad you liked..! :)