Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rise up - It's time to break the chains

Maybe I am nobody in his life,
The more I am SOMEONE very important in the lives of many people,
I know I'm not perfect, nor want to be,
I'm human, I am like you,
I take with me my pride what really worth the harm?
Away you go!
My life and me.. Best companions still..!
I am the one who’ll live..!
Not just anyone will drop me if I fall..!
I have strength enough to lift me up and moving on with head up high..!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Forbidden Fruit

Daylight crawls
Along the street
And your feet are lost somewhere far away behind
Re-calling the symphony of your eyes…

You pass me confused and hurried
In this rush time, you still know how much we loved?

I wish, that our destinies collide
Hope to grapple with
In my vessel of dreams, no matter how illegal...
And now I like to taste forbidden fruit

Passions, obsessions, risk, adventure, love
My life is full of memories
Now really began
But still, "we" is so far ...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Songs of Mind, Tunes of Heart...!

I revolve around the past knowing that - it won’t help!
But this is a game of life where;

Heart tunes its own beats,
And mind sings its own story,
I find myself stuck somewhere;
Between hither and thither.

The Heart:

Paints compassion and commitment,
Reveals the love within -
Still as fresh as a new print!
Somewhere beyond my pride,
Deep inside,
It holds a secret desire - so intense,
Of holding you tight,
And cherishing the right,
For a need;
To call you – My Own!

The Mind:

Debates I am through,
And done with you.
Says no more of YOU!
No longer you hold –
The special place;
And powers,
To crush me and willow me.
I shall win again; the game of life,
Leaving those feelings ripped apart.
Whatever be the bygone,
The present is; what it is!

Here, this moment, the story of my life –
Good times come like wind and swap like it were never before.
Making me struggle between the thriving aspirations and truths of life, 

I wonder what agony or what laughter it is. Yet I adore it.

Life is pain,
Yet life is gain,
Life is apathy.
Yet life is love,
Life is disgraceful,
Yet life is wonderful,
Life is a game,
It’s all good,
That is the way it is!

Journey With Time

Lengthy Hours, Minutes & Seconds making a day - yet to travel,
Yet more lengthier left behind.
Past, Present & Future is what they call..!
Unsure of how long yet ahead,
Breaking up midways & absorbing it all..!

I’m here rite here, today captivating present.
Enchanting my future with my deeds & winning over my past,
I rise now gathering the stones & strength..!
I stood, I saw & now I walk,
Driving myself towards the wonders of life & existence..!