Friday, December 17, 2010

Forbidden Fruit

Daylight crawls
Along the street
And your feet are lost somewhere far away behind
Re-calling the symphony of your eyes…

You pass me confused and hurried
In this rush time, you still know how much we loved?

I wish, that our destinies collide
Hope to grapple with
In my vessel of dreams, no matter how illegal...
And now I like to taste forbidden fruit

Passions, obsessions, risk, adventure, love
My life is full of memories
Now really began
But still, "we" is so far ...


Palak Vasant said...

Remember one thing, hopes have their way to despair too. You have to check right's and wrong's and lead yourself there won't be torchlight until you wish to find one. When you would be able to find one you'll know you may have hoped for undeserved.

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Face reality as it is, not as it could be or you may wish it to be.

"I wish, that our destinies collide" ..apart from this, I liked your post :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I disagree with both of the people above (Palak and Sourav).
I will just say, you want it, then want it with passions that cannot be measured. You'll get it.
But then I'll ask, what now?

ananth said...

@sourav when she thinks her destiny lies with him..what's wrong with her in wishing his destiny lies with her..It only seems wrong when she doesn't felt so.."Love is selfish"..u know--my perception :)

@Palak I guess u r right

@nidhi how long u took for this "forbidden fruit"?

nidhiwrites said...

@Palak - Hopes may have ways to despair.. But checking the right and wrong and leading thyself is not possible because
1) During the phase the person is not in stable state to mind to get to certain firm decision. It is like we cherish the moments when things weren’t wrong. And crave to live them again.
2) Rising up moving forward in life never ever means forgetting the past. The beautiful thoughts pops-up in mind again and again, which will somewhere deep tell you that had things worked out the way you wanted the world around would have been different.
3) “LOVE” & its “MEMORIES” most importantly will never cease to exist. Never ever

nidhiwrites said...

@Sourav - Does facing reality in any case means forgetting beautiful old days….?? Don’t we wish that things should work out way we want…? Don’t we stop sometime and wish that things of past should be present and future – beautiful future…?
By collide I meant that Destinies should meet once again. An Ultimate Goal to be together…
Glad that you liked it! :)

nidhiwrites said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete - At times we get paralyzed in front of our matter how passionate we are… We don’t get what we want… It’s exactly the same phase when we crave to have things in place or things in the way we want them to be..!
But then gradually we accept life without those beautiful moments & with the fact of not living them again… And ya but then this time they won’t cause pain any more since we have accepted them. We also realize those are such beautiful moments which shouldn’t bring tears but make us smile – “Glad I Lived them once”

@Ananth - hahaha :P Well, I haven't yet... With Gods grace I still have my basket of fruit with me

chhipa said...

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