Saturday, December 11, 2010

Journey With Time

Lengthy Hours, Minutes & Seconds making a day - yet to travel,
Yet more lengthier left behind.
Past, Present & Future is what they call..!
Unsure of how long yet ahead,
Breaking up midways & absorbing it all..!

I’m here rite here, today captivating present.
Enchanting my future with my deeds & winning over my past,
I rise now gathering the stones & strength..!
I stood, I saw & now I walk,
Driving myself towards the wonders of life & existence..!


Sourav C. Pandey said...

See Nidhi actually writes now, the first thing that I asked you is actually true now! :)

Keep writing!

ananth said...

how u write...u write while u walk or u walk while u write?? whatever it may be..let that 'walk' and 'write' stay close..because they are meant to be together..and I mean it :)

nidhiwrites said...

@ Sourav - It you who made that possible :)Thank you for all the motivation
@ Ananth - I write while I walk.. & walking on the endless road of life, I try and grab what life teaches me :) Ya walk and write will stay close as they both are part of my life now. Thank you :)

Shawn said...