Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Miss You...!

I miss you with every sun rise I miss you with every sun set... I miss you at my every step... I miss you with every drive on the road... I search you by side with my every hand that moves... I miss you with the gap between fingers and space between my lips… I miss you with my every gulp that I take... I miss you with every coffee I make... I miss you with any every food that I take… I miss you with every door that opens… I miss you with my eyes open with... I miss you with even eyes closed tight... My eyes remember your smiling face and they don't blink... They miss you so much that I see you in every object around… Biggest smile on face as I miss you with every sight of my eyes…Miss you with every thought of my mind… I miss you with my every heart beat... I miss you with every blood that flows... I miss you with every second & heart beat of mine... My heart will stop missing you the day it stops beating…

Monday, September 19, 2011


GIRL: Good morning love
BOY: Good morning love
GIRL: Late?
BOY: Yaaa
GIRL: Good
BOY: Hmm
GIRL: Love you
BOY: Love you my Jadu
GIRL: Having black coffee
BOY: Having tea
GIRL: If you don’t get it in there it’s waiting for you at my doorstep
BOY: I know love... More than coffee I have much more big reason to be there
GIRL: N what’s that big reason.
GIRL: N how much big is that reason
BOY: Bigger then my life
GIRL: But what the reason please
BOY: Any doubt?
GIRL: Noo no doubts
GIRL: But it’s always good & healthy to hear again & again
BOY: Yes you are the reason for my smile, I wanna begin my day with your eyes & smile only
BOY: You are bigger reason then my life to be happy
GIRL: Glad I will always be your smile & part of you
BOY: Frankly speaking if I lose you I don’t know what will happen to me
GIRL: You don't lose me ever.. As we part with our deaths we meet to be 1 in our next birth..
BOY: Thanks love
GIRL: Thanks?? :(
BOY: Baby is wearing nice dress.. Can I get to see my reason to live…
GIRL: What???
BOY: Your Smile..
GIRL: :)I smile with your love.. I smile with your dream.. I smile with your success.. I smile at your laughs.. I smile with you & I smile us being together…
BOY: Cool message..
GIRL: Ohh hello, It wasn’t a message. It was my feelings :(
BOY: Ohh.. I thought it was just a forward..
BOY: Duffer I knew it was not a message...just wanna make you smile so said
GIRL: Already smiling :) :)
BOY: Blessed & feeling alive…!!
BOY: 7.20 to 08.45 only 85 minutes.. Left..!!
GIRL: You suppose to leave in next 85 minutes… Honey, No :(
BOY: Yes baby.. We only have 85minutes..
GIRL: And I don’t see you till next 15 days?
BOY: 20 days minimum
GIRL: And I hope not 2 months now??
BOY: Lets see Love, will try my best..
GIRL: What 2 months?? No Honey, Plzz
BOY: Ya may be..!! I am worried that the surroundings may take you away from me in this 2 months…
GIRL: I am all yours in each & every births… No surroundings can take me away from you..
BOY: I don’t want to go away from you…
GIRL: Time will pass in flash… Promise, I wont let you feel that you away from me..
BOY: 2 months??
GIRL: Be 2 months or 1 year nothing will change my love will be all yours waiting for you to be back in my arms…
BOY: Love you my Love..! Glad & blessed to have you in my life..
GIRL: I am Blessed as well…

And he leaves for his business trip…!